Windows for Insulated Metal Panels


Our windows for insulated metal panels are:

  • Self-framing. This system fastens directly onto the wall panel, eliminating the need for a framed opening
  • Self-flashing. No additional flashing is required.
  • Easy to install. Because the window is designed for insulated wall panels, installation time is minimal.
  • They are available in Fixed, Horizontal Sliders, Single Hung, Project Out, Project In and Outswing Casements.

Additionally, they come with:

  • Fasteners and caulk. All you need to supply is the hole in the wall – we supply everything else.
  • A built-in weep system that eliminates water migration to the interior of the building. This is important because water migration is THE biggest issue for window systems.
  • Different glazing options. Clear insulated glazing is the standard, but we also offer tinted, low-e, tempered, laminated, glass that meets certain shading coefficients, glass that meets certain solar heat gain coefficients, and more. Just ask!
  • Special colors are also available.