Door Canopies

Design Specifications

Door Canopy Overview: Download PDF

Design Specifications

Wind Speed: 140 mph
Snow Load: 4'0" projection 34 psf
  5'0" projection 26 psf
  (100 psf available upon request)


  • Exposure category ‘B’; Importance factor, I = 1.0
  • Topographic factor, K.zt = 1.0
  • Wind directionality, k.d. = 0.85
  • Elevation of canopy: no more than 30’ above ground


  • Economical and attractive overhead protection from the elements
  • Specifically designed for high wind load and heavy snow load areas
  • 24-gauge flat soffit and integral gutter with rear mounted drains
  • 16-gauge galvanized internal frame
  • 18-gauge telescoping support channels mount behind wall panel between girts, mounting clips and fasteners included
  • ½” or ¾” galvanized pipe hangers with adjustable rod ends